You may remember last July when we told you of a letter being sent to new businesses to register them with the “Register of Companies and Businesses”. We have recently had an influx of these letters again, from the above companies, sent to newly formed companies, inviting them to have their company registered in various business registries such as the “”. In addition, this time they are also now targeting previously formed companies.

A letter from the above-named company, which are not related to Companies House in any way, is being sent to the registered office of the company. It quotes the date of incorporation and requests that £190 must be paid for the publication of your company’s details and payment is normally due within a short time span. This payment is not compulsory and is nothing to do with the formation of your Limited Company or Companies House. These registers are at best business registries showing basic information but bear in mind this information can easily be found with a simple Google search as it is free public information so who would use them?

In our opinion you should ignore these letters but if you are in any doubt please contact the office before you part with any money.