HMRC recently announced as part of cost cutting measures they will no longer guarantee that every self assessment tax payer will receive a statement and payslip, the reasoning behind this is HMRC is trying to encourage as many taxpayers to pay their liabilities using electronic methods.

In order to pay electronically you need HMRC’s bank details and they are as follows:- 

Bank Account:                 HMRC Cumbernauld

Sort Code:                      08 32 10

Account Number:            12001039

For self-assessment the reference will be your personal UTR number plus the letter K, such as 1234567890K

However, we can still produce payslips from HMRC website if you want to pay your liability by cheque  but this will need to be posted to HMRC and cannot be used to pay cheque in at the bank/ post office, the address to post it to is shown on the payslip.