It has recently been brought to our attention that some newly formed companies have received a letter inviting them to have their company registered in the “Register of Companies and Businesses”.

A letter from the “Register of Companies and Businesses”, which is nothing to do with Companies House, is being sent to the registered office of the newly formed company. It quotes the date of incorporation and requests that £190 must be paid for the publication of your company’s details. Payment is normally due within a short time span.

This payment is not compulsory for the formation of your Limited Company. The register is merely a way of advertising the fact that an entity, with your chosen name and registered office, exists. This information can easily be found with a simple Google search as it is free public information.

If you wish to have your Limited Company registered with the “Register of Companies and Businesses” then you are free to pay the £190 but, in our opinion, we feel there are much more efficient means of advertising